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Links to some people

Numerical people in Utrecht

Ph.D. students

  • Tammo Jan Dijkema Constructing wavelets to solve operator equations.
  • Joost Rommes Fellow student of mine for years, now working mainly on reduced order modeling of eigenproblems.

(Assistent) Professors

Former colleagues

  • Hil Meijer Bifurcation theory and neural dynamics.
  • Arno Swart Mainly working on FE methods for problems involving internal and inertial waves (think of large flow models)

Numerical people elsewhere

Software Technology people

  • Martin Bravenboer Workaholic to the max, but very clever and with a wide open view on everything that has the word 'software' in it.
  • Rob Vermaas Dirty hacker, but persistent.
  • Eelco Visser Software Engineering Research Group at TU Delft, The Netherlands, original creator of the Stratego program transformation language and the SDF2 syntax definition language.

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Arthur.PeopleLinks r1.8 - 19 Jan 2007 - 13:20 - ArthurVanDam
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