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uubeamer : A theme for latex-beamer

NEWS: uubeamer now compatible with new latex-beamer and pgf versions. Intermediate release 0.3pre3 requires latex-beamer 3.06 and pgf >= 1.00.

After documentclasses slides and prosper I now think that latex-beamer is the most versatile presentations package for LaTeX. Although it has extensive themeing support and comes with many built-in themes, most of these are quite alike. I created a latex-beamer theme uubeamer for Utrecht University, using our corporate colors and the sol-logo.

For whom?

Probably only a handful of researchers from Utrecht University.


  • A not too extensive beamer theme, that looks good out of the box.
  • Utrecht University corporate colors (uured, and uuyellow), and the sol-logo
  • Leave the rest of fancy beamer stuff to latex-beamer package itself.


See example PDFs in doc/ dir in package.


(See UuBeamerNews for changes)
Component Date Version Download Type Size
uubeamer sources February 7, 2006 0.3pre3 (#16) uubeamer-0.3pre3.tar.gz 264kB
uubeamer sources September 16, 2005 0.3pre2 (#12) - - -
uubeamer sources February 8, 2005 0.2.2 (#507) - - -
uubeamer sources February 2, 2005 0.2.1 (#492) - - -
uubeamer sources January 31, 2005 0.2 (#484) - - -

Installation and Getting Started

  1. Download the package tar.gz
  2. Unpack it in its preferred location (tar zxvf uubeamer-*.tar.gz)
  3. Make sure LaTeX can find this dir (~/texmf/tex/latex/uubeamer would be a good idea)
  4. In your document, issue: \usetheme[style=plain]{uu} or \usetheme[style=fancy]{uu}
  5. Compile your document: pdflatex yourpresentation.tex
  6. To turn off the sidebar in the 'plain' style, add the sidebar option: \usetheme[style=plain,sidebar=false]{uu}


This package has only just been set up, it works out of the box, but has no flexibility yet. Contact me if you have problems, ideas, or own improvements that you would like to see incorporated.

Feature requests

  • configurable pagenumbering ('pg/totalpages')


  • "I placed the uubeamer directory inside /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex, but when I run latex i get:
       ! LaTeX Error: 
           File `beamerthemeuu.sty' not found
    LaTeX does not search your systemwide TEXMF directory each time again. It uses an ls-R (table of contents) file instead. Update this file by running (as root):
       $ texhash
    (Also see the installation advice for custom packages.)

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